First post – – Wahoo!!

Wow!  My first post!  I’m speechless!  Hmmmm……that doesn’t bode well for posting on a blog.  How about I tell you how I got into making quilts from men’s shirts.


I attended a lecture at the Peace Rivers Quilters Guild  in Punta Gorda, Fl in January of this year(2014).  The presenter was Bonnie Hunter (the scrap quilt lady!).  She showed several quilts she had made using men’s shirts and told us how she runs phone book pages through her printer for foundation paper-piecing patterns.  (more about that later)  It didn’t really take hold  until that weekend when our mobile home park had their annual rummage/garage sale.  I got there late (because rummage sales have never peaked my interest) and they were selling bags for $1 and you could take home anything you could stuff into the bag.  Then I remembered Bonnie Hunter’s presentation and I got really excited!  I ran down to my sister’s (she lives closer to the clubhouse than me) and borrowed a dollar and ran back to the clubhouse.  I crammed all manner of clothing into that bag – – polyester blends, linen, flannel – – you name it, it went into the bag.   I’m more selective now and only buy 100% cotton, but back then I was too excited.


From then on, I started going to rummage and garage sales on weekends.  (Drove my sister crazy!  Tehee!)  By the time I went home at the end of February, I already had 16 quilt blocks made from those shirts using the Pineapple Blossom pattern from Bonnie Hunter’s website.  Here’s what it looked like then:


Pineapple Blossom 1

I have all the blocks made now, but have been diverted to another (several other) shirt projects.  Will post another pic when I get the borders on.  Will post more tomorrow!  Ta ta….

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About justbonnie2

My name is Bonnie and I have been quilting for over 40 years. In January, 2014, I attended a presentation in Punta Gorda, Florida by Bonnie Hunter (the scrap quilt lady!) and fell in love with making quilts from men's shirts. I have started this blog to share my passion, because all my friends think I'm crazy.

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