Using phone book pages for foundation paper-piecing

I wanted to share a money saving tip I got from Bonnie Hunter.  You can run phone book pages through your printer to print out your foundation paper-piecing patterns.  The print on the phone book pages does not come off like newspaper pages, and it is thin enough to tear out when the project is done.

I use my top-loading printer for this because then the paper only has to take a minor bend as it goes through the printer.  If you have a front-loading printer, the paper has to make a 180 degree turn in the back of the printer.  I’ve had wimpy paper turn into an accordion and jam the printer.  And since phone book pages are thin, I am leery of running it through the front loading printer.

Also, since I draw up my patterns myself, I change the color of the lines in the pattern to green or red.  That way they are easier to see through all the writing on the phone book pages.  And I use my rotary cutter to cut the pages out of the phone book.

If you have any questions, let me know.  It has saved me a lot of money since almost every quilt I make is a foundation paper-pieced!

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My name is Bonnie and I have been quilting for over 40 years. In January, 2014, I attended a presentation in Punta Gorda, Florida by Bonnie Hunter (the scrap quilt lady!) and fell in love with making quilts from men's shirts. I have started this blog to share my passion, because all my friends think I'm crazy.

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